Customer Service Statement

Our vision is all about our customers. We aim to achieve excellent standards and provide you with first class homes and services.

Contact and Communication

We promise to:

  • Be friendly, courteous and listen to you
  • Provide you with a range of easy to use ways to contact us
  • Find out quickly how to help and check we have understood your request
  • Answer calls and correspondence promptly and always give our full name
  • Get back to you when promised
  • Keep things simple and answer questions quickly
  • Make it easy for you to contact us by phone, email, letter or personal visit.
  • Provide you with a range of ways to give us feedback on our service.
  • Send you an informative newsletter at least once a year, plus ad hoc information as appropriate
  • Keep our website up to date with useful information
  • Respond to all requests for information in another language. Braille or Large print within 10 working days
  • Make sure we know the profile of our residents so we can understand and take into account any special needs


How we will do it

  • Make sure you know the name of the person you are talking to
  • Take into account any disability or impairment or any communication need you may have and adapt our service to meet your need


If you ring we will:

  • Answer calls within 5 rings
  • Resolve your query on the first call. If this is not possible if agree a timescale for getting back to you.
  • Call you back or reply within one working day if you leave a message on voicemail when the office is closed.
  • Provide an out of hours’ answerphone service and clear instructions about who to contact in an emergency.


If you email or write to us we will:

  • Reply within 5 working days
  • Answer the issues you have raised and give you the opportunity to talk to a member of our team.
  • Meet the timescales or standards we have promised for our services.


If we visit you we will:

  • Have identification and act professionally
  • Give you a choice of appointment times
  • Let you know promptly if we need to change the appointment


If you visit us we will:

  • Make sure we are open at published times.
  • Provide accessible premises for customers who use wheelchairs.
  • Provide a private interview facility.


Putting things right

If we get anything wrong we will:

  • Put it right as soon as possible
  • Let you know what is happening
  • Say sorry
  • Learn from mistakes so they do not happen again
  • Find out if you are satisfied with how we have dealt with the problem
  • Let you know how to make a complaint if you are not satisfied
  • Have a complaints policy that has a clear series of stages with clear timescales
  • Publish information about our complaints procedure on our website
  • Seek satisfaction feedback from complainants to look at ways we can improve our services


Community Safety

We want all of our customers to enjoy living in our homes; however we know that sometimes you may have a problem with your neighbours. If this happens, we will:

  • Take details of anti social behaviour complaints as soon as you report them and refer them to the relevant staff member.
  • Give you the name of the person who will be your contact
  • Respond to emergency reports of anti social behaviour ( including hate crimes, racial harassment and domestic violence) within one working day
  • Respond to non emergency reports of nuisance within 5 working days
  • Visit you at home
  • Work with you and our partner agencies such as the Police and The Council to take action against perpetrators of anti social behaviour and provide the support you need
  • Keep you updated about what we are doing to resolve anti social behaviour
  • When the case is closed, ask for your feedback


Carrying out repairs on time

We want to keep our homes in good condition so rely on our customers to tell us when repairs are needed.  We will:

  • Deal with your repair requests via telephone, email and through any staff member within the following timescales;
    • Emergency – 24 hours;
    • Urgent – 7 days or before; and
    • Routine – 28 days or before;
  • Make it easy to report a repair and offer many ways you can report a repair by email, phone or via the website;
  • Provide an appointment service offering a.m. or p.m. appointments Monday to Friday;
  • Offer flexible appointments to accommodate specific needs e.g. avoiding school run times;
  • Provide an out of hours emergency 24 hour service, 365 days a year;
  • Ensure our contractors provide a high quality service and make an appointment with you when you report a repair;
  • Aim to carry out the repair on the first visit;
  • Ensure the gas appliances in your home are safe through annual checks;
  • Provide help and advice with any disabled adaptations needed to your home;
  • Provide choice of certain fittings when we are making improvements to your home;
  • Ask for feedback to make sure you are happy with the quality and responsiveness of the repair service.


We want to have a Planned Maintenance Programme in place for replacing major items such as bathrooms, kitchens, central heating upgrades, front doors etc. 

We will:

  • Provide information on our improvement programme;
  • Liaise with you over a convenient start date for the work;
  • Give you information about the work and what is involved.


Tenant Involvment

We want to give you the opportunity to be involved and give us feedback on our service.  We will:

  • Issue a Newsletter at least once a year to keep you informed about events and changes that may affect you;
  • Keep you informed about all planned maintenance that is taking place to your home;
  • Provide opportunities for you to get involved and advertise these on our website;
  • Work with a Tenant Panel to monitor the effectiveness of our service and provide feedback on tenants’ views and priorities;
  • Provide resources to support tenant involvement including access to training so that tenants can be more effectively involved;
  • Monitor the effectiveness of all resident involvement.



Tenany Services

We want to make best use of our homes and provide excellent tenancy services.  We will:

New Tenants:

  • Ensure all our homes meet our agreed standard at the start of the tenancy;
  • Offer new tenants an assured tenancy agreement or the most secure form of agreement we can offer;
  • Visit all new tenants within 4-6 weeks of moving in to make sure they have settled in and are satisfied with their new home;
  • Provide new tenants with information that explains their rights and obligations and our responsibilities as their landlord.



  • We will not charge rents higher than those recommended by the Government and we will only review rents once a year;
  • Provide you with a wide range of ways to pay your rent including standing order, 24 hour telephone service, on line;
  • Provide advice with household budgeting and managing a home;
  • Help you with housing benefit and other welfare benefit claims;
  • Help you to access debt advice if you are in financial difficulty;


Keeping in Touch:

We feel it is important to keep in touch with you.  We will:

  • Contact you at least once a year.  We will always provide I.D. when we or our contractors visit you;
  • Give you a choice of appointment times;
  • Help you with any issues that are affecting your enjoyment of your home or neighbourhood;
  • Listen to your feedback and ideas on how we can improve our service.


Value for Money

We want to make sure we are providing services that are cost effective and provide value for money.  We will:

  • Review our services to ensure they are meeting the needs of tenants and are cost effective;
  • Ensure we get the best balance of price and quality from our contractors and services we purchase;
  • Regularly test the market to make sure we are getting value for money;
  • Benchmark our performance with other Small Housing Associations and publish the results;
  • Involve our Tenant Panel in monitoring our performance on value for money.


Contact Us

If you have any comments on this report or suggestions on how we can improve 
our performance on Value for Money please contact us on 0121 382 5105 or at: